Dear neighbor,

During this public health emergency, it's incumbent for all of us to come together as a community.

That is why our volunteer team is organizing no-contact grocery & essentials drop-off for our neighbors over 65 and/or who are chronically ill, and who are unable to make any other arrangements. For more information, please email or call at (408) 660-0547 if you meet the above criteria. We are here to help and will connect you with our community and volunteer resources.

Guidance from local authorities is changing rapidly. Please refer to these helpful links for the latest updates:

Make sure to follow all medical guidance at this time. Social distancing is a form of supporting each other as a community during this time and keeping our hard-working nurses and doctors from being overwhelmed with too many cases at one time. Our campaign is being responsible by avoiding person-to-person contact during this time.

Here are the actions I have taken to address the needs of our community during this time:

I will be posting more updates in the coming days including support for small businesses. Please reach out as always with any questions by emailing back or calling at (408) 660-0547.

Yours in community,

Sergio Lopez

Lopez for Campbell