Our Campaign

I’ve never been one to wait around for a title in order to get things done. Win or lose, that’s why I’m running this campaign according to the same values by which I would serve as your Councilmember. Here are some of the innovative ways we're doing that on this campaign:

  • I pledge to build out the most inclusive campaign Campbell has ever seen, building a pipeline for the next generation of Campbell leaders of all ages, who will remain involved in our local and regional politics.

  • No unpaid internships, which make public service inaccessible to those who don’t have the means to work for free. Instead, we’ll identify and train a group of Campbell Community Fellows who are invested in our city for the long haul. Campaign staff will also be fairly compensated for their labor.

  • I’m instituting the first ever independent sexual harassment policy for a local campaign. Long before the #MeToo era, I’ve been working to pass laws and policies which make our system more fair and welcoming for survivors, and on my campaign, I’m going to lead by example.

  • One of the most rewarding parts of this job is being at the center of building our community. That’s why I’ll invest campaign resources into holding free public events to help bring our community, and Campbell residents of all ages, closer together.

  • We’re going to have the most open and transparent campaign Campbell has seen. Policy questions and my answers (with your permission) will be posted to the website, so you know where I stand. And if you come to me with a problem, I promise I'll use all my resources and contacts from years of working with local leaders and agencies to direct you to the right place. Reach out to me any time at or 408-660-0547!