San Jose Inside - Lopez: Revised SB 50 Could Make Silicon Valley Livable Again


When I was 15 years old, my family lost everything. Read more.

San Jose Spotlight - Lopez: We Need a Local Green New Deal


"As a Campbell city councilmember, I’ll be committed to the fight against climate change. It’s one that affects all of us, and we can’t wait any longer." Read more.

Mountain View Voice - Foothill-De Anza board approves student and staff housing


"I really believe that you have the opportunity to do something historic, which is reimagine in the 21st century the role that community college districts can play." Read more.

The Bosscast - Ep. #70 with Sergio Lopez


"Coming from where I do, I'll walk more doors, talk to more people, read more than anyone whatever it takes." Listen here.

San Jose Inside - Lopez: South Bay Leaders Must Do More to Lift Up LGBTQ Voices


"As we celebrate and recognize National Coming Out Day, it’s clear we need elected officials and policymakers who represent and lift up the voices of all our communities." Read more.

San Jose Spotlight - Lopez: Make Public Transit Free


"It’s time for a bold new vision on public transit. That’s why we should not only be advocating expansion of service, but discussing how to make public transportation free." Read more.

NBC Bay Area - Campbell Planning Commission Deadlocks


"Campbell City Council candidate Sergio Lopez said after the meeting Tuesday, 'I was focused on what would help us create a liveable community.'" Read more.

San Jose Inside - Two in the Running for Campbell City Council


"Sergio Lopez, 24, announced his candidacy for the Campbell City Council’s District 2 seat in 2020, making him the first to declare his bid for the open seat." Read more.

Telemundo 48 - La Bahía sigue el debate entre precandidatos demócratas


"En el local del partido demócrata en el Condado Santa Clara, muchas personas se congregaron para escuchar el debate." Read more.

Sacramento Bee - I’m a child of immigrants. What Springsteen taught me about being an American


"For me, this was the America of James Dean, Jack Kerouac, JFK, Haight-Ashbury, Memphis, Lubbock and New Orleans. That the vision of America these songs painted so vividly in my mind might not have been made for me never once crossed my mind." Read more.